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Revolutionizing autonomous-driving as we know it

Our work is about to save lives by the millions starting in 00 days.

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!important is financed privately by individuals who strongly believe in the value of its invention and of its corporate mission.

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!important will offer a variety of share packages for various investors’ needs. From ordinary shares available to convertible bonds. Contact us for information.

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!important is a venture in growing potential. Return agreements can be established.

This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of potential purchasers of our securities. Stock, convertible notes and other equity or debt securities of !Important, a Delaware corporation, will only be offered for sale in a private placement or other transactions exempt from the registration requirements of U.S. securities laws and the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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We aim to change the face of autonomous-driving in order to put pedestrians' safety first.

You may only use the approved brand assets that are provided on this site. Consistent use of these assets helps people easily recognize references to !important and protect our company trademarks. Any !important logos or images found elsewhere on the web are not approved for use.

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Join our team of forward-thinking individuals

We're looking for:

Chief Technology Officer

Company description
  • !important develops safety technologies in the autonomous cars industry. Established in Montreal in 2018, the company’s mission is to save lives.
Job description
  • Will be working with suppliers, CPO, CAIO.
  • Driving the company’s technical vision.
  • Assess the company’s infrastructure.
  • Ensure quality insurance and quality control measures are adequate.
  • Establish with team the system architecture.
  • Conduct research on leading edge technologies.
  • Establish and manages KPIs.
  • Software and/or electrical engineer.
  • Over 10 years of experience in relevant industries.
  • Polyvalent and able to work with telecom, embedded electronics, software, cloud solutions, hardware and complex system engineering.
  • Master degree.

If this appeals to you, please tell us why by sending a cover letter and résumé to