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[[en]]Prevent collision with connected vehicles.[[fr]]Empêchez la collision avec des véhicules connectés.

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[[en]]Protect yourself from connected vehicles.
[[fr]]Protégez-vous des véhicules connectés.

[[en]]The world's first app to predict accidents between pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and vehicles & trigger brakes before a collision occurs. The international P2V standard for the automotive industry.
[[fr]]La première application mondiale pouvant prédire les accidents entre piétons, cyclistes, motocyclistes et véhicules & pouvant appliquer les freins avant toutes collisions. Standard international de P2V pour l'industrie automobile.

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[[en]]!important works with car manufacturers, telecom companies, and government officials, improving road safety for all. Our mission is to save 1 million lives over the next decade. Help us protect vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, etc.) around the world by using our app in your daily commute.
[[fr]]!important travaille avec les manufacturiers automobiles, les entreprises de télécommunications et les responsables gouvernementaux pour améliorer la sécurité routière de tous. Notre mission est de sauver un million de vies au cours de la prochaine décennie.  Aidez-nous à protéger les usagers vulnérables de la route (piétons, cyclists, motocycliste, etc) de par le monde en utilisant notre application mobile dans vos déplacements quotidiens.



[[en]]Our app creates a virtual Protection Zone around each individual via their mobile device.[[fr]]Nous créons une protection virtuelle autour de chaque individu grâce à leur appareil mobile.


[[en]]The app communicates the user's (anonymized) location coordinates to all nearby certified automated vehicles.[[fr]]Les appareils équipés de notre technologie transmettront les coordonnées aux véhicules automatisés certifiés situés à proximité.


[[en]]The app's data augments the vehicle's sensor input to ensure the pedestrian is recognized and tracked to prevent any collisions.[[fr]]Dès la réception des coordonnées, les véhicules automatisés seront aptes à mieux exercer des mesures de prévention.



Self-driving Uber car hits, kills pedestrian in Tempe

Uber pauses self-driving operations in 4 cities. Tempe police are investigating a deadly crash involving a self-driving Uber vehicle overnight.

Important App Review

Every driver, motorist, pedestrian, and concerned persons will have an unforgettable experience making use of !important. This impressive and must-have app comes with fascinating features that will save your life while you’re on the street. This is a safety belt for pedestrians. And yes, we are serious.

Ghost Bike Memorials – Is There A Way To Save Lives?

How many of you are aware of the story behind the white bikes found in different streets of San Francisco? You might have come across a few of them if you live in the city. You might have seen a picture on the internet when surfing.

The Price of a Human Life: Impacts of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry's Advances

Few people can deny excitement the idea of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is generating and how it has become an undeniable part of future vehicular transportation.Even today, cars connected to technology, such as blue tooth connectivity, make driving more convenient for those inside the vehicle.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety is Now !Important

As much as technology has penetrated our daily lives, transforming it for the better, we cannot help but notice yet a constant anomaly. Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are still a problem even with all the traffic signs, marked pavements for pedestrians, and whatnot. Here is why pedestrian and cyclist safety is now !Important.

This Automobile App Looks to Reduce Pedestrian Deaths to Zero

he economy of the automobile industry may be set for an unprecedented change following an innovation that could alter the way manufacturers make and sell automobiles. But that would be the smaller of the two realities at hand. The bigger news which happens to be a good one is that road accidents which lead to loss of life of pedestrians and cyclists might become extinct or very rare in the near future. This would be a huge relief to road users as the stats have not been in their favour for a long time.

Selfdriving Cars May Help Workers Manage Work Stress

Workers might arrive their workplaces feeling fresher and more energetic if their cars help them handle the stress of watching out for their safety as well as that of pedestrians and other road commuters.

The Importance of People In An Autonomous Vehicle World

Imagine, for just a brief moment, you feel like working up a sweat after waking up in the morning. Outside, it's a bright, clear day and you can hear the birds chirping excitedly by the tree just outside your window.

5 Life-Saving Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence continues to grow in use across products and services. The technology has touched nearly every aspect of business and society, from transforming hiring to making marketing more effective to increasing crop yields. But most importantly of all, AI is hard at work saving lives. Here are some of the amazing ways that AI is becoming the superhero of the tech world.

Berkeley SkyDeck startup creates ‘digital seatbelt’ for self-driving cars

UC Berkeley SkyDecky startup “!Important” has made it a mission to save lives through software that would prevent self-driving vehicles from striking pedestrians.

Some Silicon Valley residents want self-driving cars off of their streets

Concerned with safety, some Silicon Valley residents want self-driving cars off of their streets.

New accident between pedestrian and self-driving bus in Vienna, Austria

Only one month after an accident between a self-driving bus and a cyclist in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, a young pedestrian got hit by an autonomous bus in Vienna, Austria.

Self-driving bus: Verkehr­sbetriebe Schaff­hausen put pilot project on hold after accident

Setback for the autonomously driving bus in Neuhausen am Rheinfall: After vehicle was involved in an accident with an e-bike driver on Sunday, the project will be suspended for the time being.

Trump hates "crazy" driverless cars

Currently, there are no federal regulations on self-driving cars—just a hodgepodge of state rules.

Three in Four Americans Remain Afraid of Fully Self-Driving Vehicles

AAA believes testing, experience and education will aid consumer acceptance.

Volvo's self-driving car venture gets nod to test on Swedish roads

Volvo Cars joint venture has won approval to begin hands-free testing of its software for self-driving cars on Swedish highways, partner Veoneer said on Monday.

Uber told self-drive cars unsafe days before accident

A leaked email from an employee warned Uber's bosses that its self-drive cars were involved in multiple crashes, only days before one killed a pedestrian.

Uber puts self-driving cars back on the road in scaled-down test

But some employees have safety concerns.


[[en]]Anonymous investors

[[en]]!important is financed privately by individuals who strongly believe in the value of its invention and of its corporate mission.
[[fr]]!important est financé à titre privé par des personnes qui croient fermement en la valeur de son invention et de sa mission.


[[en]]!important will offer a variety of share packages for various investors’ needs. From ordinary shares available to convertible bonds. Contact us for information.
[[fr]]!important offrira une variété de blocs d’actions répondant aux besoins de divers investisseurs, allant des actions ordinaires jusqu'aux obligations convertibles. Contactez-nous pour plus d'information.

[[en]]The return
[[fr]]Le retour

[[en]]!important is a venture in growing potential. Return agreements can be established.
[[fr]]!important est une entreprise à potentiel croissant. Des accords de retour sur investissement peuvent être établis.

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[[en]]This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of potential purchasers of our securities. Stock, convertible notes and other equity or debt securities of !important, a Delaware corporation, will only be offered for sale in a private placement or other transactions exempt from the registration requirements of U.S. securities laws and the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission.[[fr]]Ceci ne s’agit pas d’une offre de vente ni d’une sollicitation d’acheteurs potentiels de nos titres. Les actions, billets convertibles et autres titres de participation ou de créance de !important, une société du Delaware, ne seront proposés à la vente que dans le cadre d’un placement privé ou de toute autre transaction dispensée des obligations d’enregistrement prévues par la législation sur les valeurs mobilières américaines et par la réglementation de la Securities and Exchange Commission.


[[en]]The future of transportation
[[fr]]Le futur du transport

[[en]]Our media assets
[[fr]]Nos actifs de marque

[[en]]You may only use the approved brand and graphic assets that are provided on this site. Consistent use of these assets helps people easily recognize references to !important and protect our company trademarks. Any !important logos or images found elsewhere on the web are not approved for use.
[[fr]]Vous ne pouvez utiliser que les actifs de marque approuvés fournis sur ce site. Une utilisation cohérente de ces actifs aide les utilisateurs à reconnaître facilement les références à !important et à protéger les marques de commerce de !important. Les logos ou images !important trouvés ailleurs sur le Web ne sont pas approuvés pour utilisation.

[[en]]You are welcome to communicate with for any and all inquiries concerning our product or company.
[[fr]]Nous vous invitons à communiquer avec pour toutes questions relatives à notre produit ou à notre entreprise.